The revolutionary K-Pick® combines innovative technology with state-of-the-art design for ultimate performance. With its scientifically engineered pick pattern, K-Pick® generates more power and vertical energy at take-off for longer, higher jumps.

Coaches and pros around the world agree the K-Pick® is one of the most significant advances in blade technology in decades. Available on most MK blades, the K-Pick® will provide improved grip on the ice for greater control, precision take-offs, extra foot and ankle stability and increased confidence.

K-Pick® figure skating blades help figure skaters with jumps. The blade gives skaters confidence and a better grip into the ice as they launch into toe jumps such as toe loops, flips, and lutzes. Only toe jumps are improved by using the K-Pick® blade; edge jumps (waltz jumps, loops, salchows, and axels) will not be affected by using K-Pick® blades.

Some skaters and coaches claim that there is a significant difference in the spring of a jump when a figure skater uses K-Pick® blades.