Parabolic Blades

Feel the Difference
The innovative Parabolic blade with its extraordinary edges and advanced design allows your weight to center on the blade—dramatically improving both footwork and edge jumps. The revolutionary Parabolic delivers sharper, more accurate turns, faster take-offs and more precise landings. You’ll feel the Parabolic difference with your first step on the ice.
Skaters at every level benefit from the Parabolic. Whether you are a Dance competitor looking to improve your edges and turns or a Freestyle skater concentrating on footwork and edge jumps, the Parabolic blade helps you achieve your best.
Designed to Perform
The revolutionary Parabolic design tapers to the mid-section of the blade, translating into less steel and a lighter blade overall. You’ll be more centered on the blade, increasing stability for improved footwork and edge jumps. The Parabolic blade will also improve your Salchow, Loop and Axel jumps, providing faster take-offs and more precise landings.
Blade maintenance is easy and there is no difference in sharpening between the Parabolic and traditional blades. For unbeatable performance, look to the Parabolic, the world’s most advanced figure blade—offered only from John Wilson Skates and MK Blades.